how to light a 3 wick candle

How to Light A 3 Wick Candle

A 3-wick candles is a type of candle that has three separate wicks embedded in the same wax pool. These candles are usually larger and flatter than single-wick candles, and they can provide more light, scent, and ambiance to a room. However, they also require some special care and attention to burn correctly and safely.

Choose the right location

Make sure the surface you are placing your candle on is even, stable, heat-resistant, and away from any flammable materials, drafts, vents, fans, or air conditioners. Also, keep the candle out of reach of children, pets, and any moving objects. You should be able to see your candle at all times, and never leave it unattended while burning.

Prepare the wicks for lighting

Before you light your candle, always trim the wicks to about 1/4 inch (6 mm) in length, using scissors, nail clippers, or a wick trimmer. This will help prevent the wicks from mushrooming, smoking, or producing a large flame. You should also remove any debris, such as wick trimmings or matches, from the wax pool, as they can cause the candle to burn unevenly or dangerously.

Use a long-reach lighter or matches

To light your candle and premium soy candles, you will need a long-reach lighter or long matches, as they will make it easier and safer to reach all three wicks without burning your fingers. Avoid using regular lighters or short matches, as they can be hazardous or ineffective.

Light the first wick

Hold the lighter or match steady, making sure it is close enough to ignite the wick without touching it. Keep the flame steady for a few seconds to allow the wick to catch fire fully. Gently blow out the lighter or match and carefully remove it from the vicinity of the candle.

Move on to the second and third wicks

Repeat the same process for the remaining two wicks, lighting them one at a time. Make sure all three wicks are burning evenly and brightly, and adjust them if necessary.

Ensure all wicks are burning evenly

For the first burn, you should let the candle burn for at least 3 to 4 hours, or until the wax melts evenly across the entire surface of the candle. This will create a “memory ring” that will help the candle burn evenly and prevent tunneling in the future. If you are burning a candle bowl, the wax on the far edges of the wicks may not melt down to the same level as the rest of the wax, but that is by design. The leftover wax will drop later as the candle melts down.

Monitor the candle while it burns

Never burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time, as this can cause carbon buildup on the tip of the wick, which can make it harder to control the candle’s flame. Also, avoid moving or touching the candle while it is burning, as this can cause the wax to spill or the wicks to extinguish. If you notice any problems, such as uneven burning, dripping, flaring, or sooting, extinguish the candle immediately and fix the issue before relighting it.

Extinguish the candle properly

When you are done with your candle, use a candle snuffer, a metal spoon, or your fingers to gently put out the flame. Do not blow out the candle, as this can cause the wax to splatter or the wicks to smoke. Wait until the candle is completely cool before moving it or placing the lid back on.

By following these steps and guidelines, you can enjoy your 3 wick candles safely and effectively. You can also experiment with different ways of using your 3 wick candle, such as lighting only one or two wicks at a time, depending on your preference and purpose. However, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the general candle safety rules, such as keeping the candle away from combustible materials, children, and pets, and never leaving it unattended.

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