What Size Area Rug For Queen Bed

What Size Area Rug For Queen Bed

When it comes to selecting the right size area rug for a queen bed, the size of the room and the placement of the bed will determine the rug size you need. Generally, an 8-foot by 10-foot rug is recommended for a queen bed in a standard bedroom. If the bed is placed in the middle of the room, then a larger rug, such as a 9-foot by 12-foot rug, is ideal. It is important to note that the rug should be large enough to allow the legs of the bed to sit on the rug and not extend off the edge. Additionally, the rug should fill the majority of the floor space between the bed and other furniture in the room.

Understanding Rug Sizes

Rug sizes are an often overlooked but important aspect of interior design. Knowing the size of a rug can help you determine the overall look and feel of a room. The size of a rug can make a big difference in the way a room looks and feels, so it pays to understand the different types of rug sizes available. Standard rug sizes include small area rugs, medium area rugs, large area rugs, and extra-large area rugs. The size of a rug can be determined by measuring the length and width of a room, as well as the size of any furniture that will be placed on the rug. Additionally, rug sizes can be customized for your specific needs. Understanding rug sizes can help you create the perfect look for your home.

Choosing the Right Size Rug for a Queen Bed

When furnishing a bedroom with a queen-sized bed, selecting the right size rug is an important part of the design. Too small, and the rug will appear insignificant and not provide the visual anchor the bed needs. Too large, and the rug will overwhelm the room. To achieve the perfect balance, measure the dimensions of the bed including any headboard, and add 36 inches to each side. This will provide the minimum size rug needed to properly anchor the bed in the room. To add an extra level of warmth and comfort, choose a rug that is several inches larger than the minimum size. With this combination, you can create a beautiful and inviting bedroom.

Measuring Your Room and Bed

Measuring your room and bed is an essential step when planning for a new room or bed. It helps to ensure that you select furniture and decor that fits appropriately in the space and provides a comfortable sleeping spot. Using a tape measure and taking note of the dimensions of the room, doorways, and windows, you can easily determine the size of furniture that will fit comfortably in the space. Additionally, measuring your bed frame, mattress, and bedding can help you choose the right bedding and mattress toppers for the desired comfort level. With a few simple measurements, you can create the perfect sleeping space for yourself and your family.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rug Size

Choosing the right size rug for your space can be difficult. It’s important to consider a few factors when selecting the perfect rug size for your room. Start by measuring the area you plan to place the rug in. Consider not only the length and width of the rug, but also the shape, color, and pattern. You’ll want to make sure that the rug you choose is the right size for the room and that it ties the elements together in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way. Keep in mind that the rug should be large enough to fit all of the furniture in the room, while also leaving enough space to walk around freely. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different rug sizes to find the best fit for your space!

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Design Tips for Area Rugs Under Queen Beds

Area rugs under queen beds can be a great way to add a cozy, stylish touch to any bedroom. But there are a few design tips to keep in mind when selecting a rug for this purpose. First, measure the space under the bed and choose an appropriately sized rug. Make sure it’s large enough to fit the entire bed, but don’t forget to leave some room to allow it to show off its beautiful design. When selecting the style and color of the rug, keep the existing décor of the room in mind. Choose a rug that complements the existing colors, patterns, and textures of the room. Finally, make sure the rug is soft and plush, as this will make for a more comfortable and inviting sleeping space. By following these design tips, you can create a beautiful and inviting area rug that will truly complete the look of your queen bed!

Common Rug Sizes for Queen Beds

When it comes to choosing the right size rug for a queen bed, there are many factors to consider. The size of the bed, the size of the room, the type of rug, and the overall aesthetic of the space all play a role in choosing the perfect rug for your queen bed. Common rug sizes for queen beds include 5’x7′, 6’x9′, 8’x10′, and 9’x12′. When selecting a rug for a queen bed, always make sure there is enough space to walk around the bed and still have the rug visible on either side. Choose a rug that complements the queen bed, not one that overwhelms it, and make sure it is proportional to the size of the bed and the room. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect rug for your queen bed.

Additional Considerations When Choosing a Rug for a Queen Bed

If you are searching for a rug to go under a queen bed, there are several considerations to take into account. Durability, size, and style are all important factors to consider. Durability is key as the rug must be able to withstand regular foot traffic and last for years. Size is also an important factor, as the rug should fit comfortably under the bed and provide a pleasing visual balance to the space. Finally, you should select a rug that fits with your overall style and aesthetic. Whether you prefer bold, bright colors or subtle, muted tones, make sure you select a rug that complements the space and is easy to maintain. With these factors in mind, you can find the perfect rug to complete the look of your bedroom.

FAQs About the What Size Area Rug For Queen Bed

How much space should there be around the rug?

The general rule is that you should leave at least two feet of bare floor around the perimeter of the rug.

What material should the rug be made of?

The material of the rug should be chosen based on the intended purpose. Wool rugs are best for high-traffic areas and are very durable. Natural fibers such as jute or sisal are great for a more decorative look in low-traffic areas.

What size rug should I get for a queen bed?

A queen bed typically requires an 8×10 or 9×12 rug. It is best to measure the area around the bed to ensure the rug size you select is the right size for your space.

Best Rug Size for Queen Bed


When it comes to choosing the right size area rug for a queen bed, it is important to consider the size of the bed, the room size, and the desired look. A 5’x8’ area rug is generally the recommended size for a queen bed, allowing for enough space to be able to walk around the bed comfortably. When selecting a rug, look for something that will compliment the size and style of the bed and the room in order to create a cohesive look.

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