Can You Decorate Your Door on Royal Caribbean

On Royal Caribbean, you can absolutely decorate your door! You are encouraged to bring items from home to personalize your space and make it feel like your own. There are also a few things that you can purchase on the ship to help with this.

Door decorations are a great way to show off your personality and add a little bit of fun to your cruise experience.

  • Purchase door decorations from the Onboard Gifts shop or online before your cruise
  • Royal Caribbean offers a variety of door decorations, including magnets, banners, and inflatable decor
  • Hang your door decoration using the provided suction cups
  • Make sure that the decoration is secure and will not blow away in windy weather conditions
  • Take a photo of your door decoration to share with friends and family on social media! Use the hashtags #MyRoyalDoor and #RCDoors when posting on Instagram or Twitter

Cruise Ship Door Decorations Secret Codes

If you’re a cruise ship fan, you know that door decoration are one of the best ways to show your personality while onboard. But did you know that there’s a secret code behind these door decorations? Here’s a quick guide to understanding the secret meaning behind popular cruise ship door decorations:

Waves: This decoration is often seen on doors of cabins near the waterline. It indicates that the occupants are experienced cruisers who have been on many voyages. Anchors: An anchor door decoration means that the occupants are first-time cruisers.

Welcome aboard! Lighthouses: A lighthouse door decoration signifies that the occupants are night owls who like to stay up late and party. You may want to avoid this cabin if you’re looking for a quiet evening in!

Cherry blossoms: This beautiful decoration is often seen on Japanese cruise ships. It signifies good luck and prosperity.

Do People Decorate Doors on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, people do decorate doors on Royal Caribbean! It’s a popular activity for cruise-goers and really gets you into the spirit of the trip. There are door decorations for all sorts of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays and special events.

You can even find door decs for first-time cruisers or those who have been sailing with Royal Caribbean for years. No matter what your reason for cruising, there’s sure to be a door decoration that fits your needs!

Do People Decorate Doors on Royal Caribbean


Can I Decorate My Door on a Cruise?

Yes, you can decorate your door on a cruise! There are many ways to do so, and it really depends on your personal preference. You can purchase decorations from the ship’s gift shop, or bring your own from home.

If you’re crafty, you can even make your own door decorations! Here are some ideas to get you started: -Hang a wreath or other floral decoration on your door.

-String up some lights around your doorframe. -Attach photos or other memorabilia to your door with magnets. -Use paint or markers to create a design on your door.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that your decorations are safe and secure so that they don’t cause any damage to the ship or injure anyone. Have fun and be creative!

Can I Decorate My Door on a Cruise


What are the Secret Codes on Cruise Ship Doors?

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you may have noticed that some of the doors have numbers or letters on them. These are called “secret codes” and they’re used by the crew to communicate with each other. The codes vary from ship to ship, but they usually follow a similar pattern.

For example, on Carnival Cruise Line ships, A-deck is always the lowest deck, B-deck is the next highest, and so on. The letter also corresponds to the section of the ship – A-deck is usually forward (the front of the ship), while D-deck is often aft (the back). The numbers usually correspond to specific locations on the ship.

For example, 1A might be the captain’s cabin, 2B could be the medical center, and 3C could be guest relations. While these codes can be helpful for the crew, they can also be confusing for passengers. If you see a door with a code that you don’t understand, just ask a member of the staff and they’ll be happy to explain it to you.

Are Cruise Ship Stateroom Doors Magnetic?

No, cruise ship stateroom doors are not magnetic. The doors are made of metal, but they are not attracted to magnets.


Yes, you can decorate your door on Royal Caribbean! There are a few things to keep in mind, though. First, make sure that your decorations are in good taste and won’t offend other guests.

Second, be aware that door decorations may be removed if they pose a safety hazard or interfere with the ship’s operation. Finally, have fun and be creative!

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