How to Decorate the Back of a Toilet

How to Decorate the Back of a Toilet

Most people don’t think about decorating the back of their toilet. Why would you want to? It’s not like anyone ever sees it, right?

Wrong! Decorating the back of your toilet is a great way to add a pop of color or personality to your bathroom. Plus, it’s a fun and easy project that anyone can do.

Here are some tips on how to decorate the back of your toilet: – Choose a theme: Whether you’re going for nautical, beachy, or something else entirely, pick a theme before you start shopping for decorations. This will help you narrow down your options and make sure everything coordinates.

– Get creative with wall decals: Wall decals are an easy way to add color and pattern to the back of your toilet. They come in all sorts of designs, so you’re sure to find something that fits your style. – Make it personal: Add photos, quotes, or anything else that makes the space feel like yours.

This is your chance to really make the bathroom YOUR own!

  • Hang a toilet brush holder on the back of the toilet
  • This will help to keep your toilet brush out of sight and also add decoration to the room
  • Place a small rug or mat in front of the toilet
  • This will help to catch any drips or water that may fall off of the brush while you are cleaning
  • Add a plant or flowers to the area around the toilet
  • This will brighten up the space and make it more inviting
  • Hang a towel ring on the back of the toilet
  • This will provide a place to hang your hand towel so that it is within reach when you need it

Back of Toilet Tray

If you’re looking for a place to store all your toiletries while you’re in the shower, then you need a back of toilet tray! This handy little tray attaches to the back of your toilet and provides ample storage space for shampoo, soap, razors, and anything else you might need. Plus, it keeps everything within reach so you don’t have to step out of the shower to grab something.

Back of Toilet Tray

Credit: Ubuy Bangladesh

What Do You Use to Decorate the Back of a Toilet?

There are a few things you can use to decorate the back of a toilet. One is to simply use a toilet brush. You can also use a small handheld vacuum cleaner or even a dustpan and broom.

If you want something more decorative, you can try using a plant or flowers. You can also use scented candles or diffusers to make the area around the toilet smell nice. Finally, you can hang artwork or photos on the back of the toilet.

What Can I Put on the Wall behind My Toilet?

When it comes to your bathroom, there are a few key things to keep in mind in order to make the space both functional and stylish. One of the most important details is what you put on the wall behind your toilet. This may seem like a small detail, but it can actually make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

So, what can you put on the wall behind your toilet? Here are a few ideas: -Tiles: Tiles are a classic choice for bathrooms and they can really help to make the space pop.

You can opt for a solid color tile or something with more pattern or texture. Just be sure to seal them properly so that they don’t get stained over time. -Paint: If you want something that’s quick and easy, paint is always an option.

You can go with a solid color or get creative with stripes, patterns, or even murals. Just be sure that the paint is made for bathrooms so that it can withstand moisture. -Wallpaper: Wallpaper is another great way to add personality to your bathroom.

There are endless options when it comes to colors, patterns, and styles. And, if you’re worried about moisture damage, there are now waterproof options available as well.

What Do You Do With the Space behind the Toilet?

When it comes to the space behind the toilet, there are a few different ways that you can utilize this area. One option is to simply use it as extra storage space for things like toilet paper, towels, and other bathroom essentials. Another option is to install a small cabinet or shelving unit in this space to create even more storage.

And finally, some people opt to install a decorative piece such as a painting or mirror in this area to add a bit of personality to their bathroom. Whichever route you decide to go, make sure that you measure the space behind your toilet before making any purchases so that you know exactly what will fit.

What Can I Put on the Wall behind My Toilet?

What is the Back Part of the Toilet Called?

The back part of the toilet is called the tank. The tank stores water that is used to flush the toilet. When you flush the toilet, a valve opens and water flows from the tank into the bowl.

The bowl is where waste goes when you use the toilet.



Whether you’re trying to spruce up your bathroom for guests or you’re just looking for a way to add a little personality to the space, decorating the back of your toilet is a great option. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing how to decorate the back of your toilet. First, make sure that whatever you choose won’t interfere with the function of the toilet.

You don’t want anything that’s going to get in the way of using the toilet or cause it to malfunction. Second, consider what style you’re going for in your bathroom. If you have a more traditional bathroom, something like a framed piece of art might be a good option.

If you’re going for a more modern look, try hanging a large mirror or even just using some simple wall decals. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you’ll enjoy looking at every time you use the bathroom!

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